Step - Silvia Diaz

Step - Marisa Bernáldez

Silvia Díaz & Marisa Bernáldez

Silvia Diaz Co- Managing Director together with Marisa Bernáldez in “Stage Within European Programmes” have developed and managed European Projects for over fifteen years.

We are experts in lifelong learning projects having run more than 500 projects. Within our main responsibilities we are the people in charge of receiving and sending participants on European programmes, coordinating internships for European candidates in Spanish companies, organising the logistics of the programmes, submitting proposals, setting up training programmes and coordinating schemes within EU programmes, Institutional relationships with foreign and local partners in relation to EU projects and Coordination of transnational activities.


Step - Inma Cano

Inma Cano

Inma Cano has a wide experience in the field of education, teaching English and Spanish and designing, writing and creating manuals for English courses.

In the Incoming Department at "STEP- Stage Within European Programmes" she is responsible for carrying out all administrative duties related to European projects ; she is in charge of the placements which are set up through company research, analysis of work-life balance measures, definition of intended learning outcome and study of the pedagogic implications for the incoming participants. As the participants' tutor, she provides them guidance and support and she monitors the internship together with the tutor at the hosting firm.