EYE – Early Years Education

VET schools (DE / AT) or Universities (rest of EU) who can offer an educational
module in the field of child care / pedagogy that increases the added value of the
qualification and that can be trained in two weeks. Each partner has a different
curriculum and expertise, but they all educate their students in early years education.
Moreover the school or university must share an interest in giving their students the opportunity to undertake a mobility project for two weeks in Europe.
Host organisations, which are responsible for the practical organisation of
the stay of the students, which guarantee a good administrative running of the project an which enhance the project’s impact thru their networks.

The general aim is to develop and test a training course for students enrolled in the
educational bodies, which integrate the project consortium:
1. Creation of an elective educational module, that due to the educational,
social, cultural context and due to the expertise of the school/ university adds
value to the early years education curricula of the schools. This means student
from university A can elect an educational module, which is meaningful for his/
her education in university B.

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