Young professionals gain long-term work experience in Europe  with ‘Pro Move’


‘Pro Move’ (Promotion of Long Term Mobility in VET) is a pilot project supported by the European Commission. It aims to encourage young professionals after completing their vocational training to spend at least 6 months in vocational internships abroad. Participants get the opportunity to gain work experience in an enterprise in one of the participating European countries. The funding provides the costs for travel, accommodation, subsistence, insurance, local transport as well as a language course. In addition, the funding includes, with the help of in-country local partners, the organisation of internships with local enterprises and ongoing monitoring and support of the participants. Internships are possible in the seven countries participating in the program:  Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and The Netherlands.


The internship must commence before 31 January 2019 in order to complete a 6 months’ work placement abroad. People who would like to participate in this program should apply as soon as possible at (contact of partner organisation)

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