Erasmus + (2014 -2020)

Key Action 1–  Mobility of Individuals:
  • Mobility for higher education students and staff
  • Mobility for VET learners and staff
  • Mobility for school staff
  • Mobility for adult education staff
  • Mobility for young people and youth workers
Key Action 2– Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices:
  • Strategic Partnerships.
  • Knowledge Alliances.
  • Sector Skills Alliances.
  • Capacity-building projects.
  • It Support Platforms

Internships in Seville

A work placement programme is a great investment for the future of our participants, that is why we put all our effort into providing a high-quality service. Our main priority is to give young people the opportunity to have experience in the labour market in Spain and give to them  a useful international awareness.

We are currently providing work experience placements in all sectors including: tourism, events management, business administration, handicrafts, architectural and graphic design, environment and gardening, marketing, import and export, social works, agricultural, media, hotel & catering and many others.


As we are aware that the accommodation is a very important part of the experience, participants have a choice between living in shared flats, staying with a family, a private flat or studio apartment.

Language course

We recommend participants to take a Spanish language course before the internship in order to make the most of the placement. We offer language courses from beginners to advanced.

Follow up

For the staff of STEP it is very important to be in contact with the participants. This is why before the arrival of the group they will have been allocated a tutor who will also do the follow up during its stay in Seville and will also issue a final report once the group has finished the programme.

The programme includes:

  • A stay of between 2 months and 6 months.
  • Placement in all sectors.

A certificate provided by the company at the end of the program.

Intensive Spanish Language Course + Accommodation

We offer six levels of Spanish language courses, from those beginners who desire to have an initial contact with the language, to those students who wish to improve their previous knowledge.

The length of the language course depends basically on the level they wish to achieve, but normally it is a four-week course consisting of 4 lessons of forty five minutes each. A language placement test is done by one of the teachers before the course begins.

The lessons are designed to match the different needs, the class numbers are small so they can get very personal attention and are also exposed to a modern methodology that involves contact with real Spanish.


Participants have a choice between living in shared flats, staying with a family, private flat or studio apartment. All our apartments are well located.

Flamenco Programme

Seville is the universally-acknowledged heart of flamenco. Thus, it is our intention that those who wish to learn flamenco in Seville have the opportunity to get to know the history of flamenco and to learn to differentiate one style from another through our intensive flamenco and Spanish language programme.

We offer two to four weeks of guitar or dance lessons combined with an intensive Spanish course. Accommodation: Participants have a choice between living in a shared or private flat or studio apartment or staying with a family.  All our accommodations are in the city centre.

The programme includes the following options:

  • Two week flamenco lessons +  Intensive language course with accommodation in Seville.
  • Three  week flamenco lessons +  Intensive language course with accommodation in Seville.

Four week flamenco lessons +  Intensive language course with accommodation in Seville.

Hotel & Catering Programme

The Hotel & Catering Programme is an internship experience geared towards participants between 18 and 35 years of age.  Its goal is to provide participants with relevant work experience in the tourism sector and to help them improve their Spanish language skills.

Participating businesses are 3, 4, and 5-star hotels along the coast in the provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Granada, Huelva and Málaga. Interns will stay at the hotels with room and board provided.  Specific positions will depend upon the participants’ previous experience and language level but can include areas such as reception, maintenance, kitchen, bar/restaurant and  management.

Participants will enjoy the challenge and enrichment offered by the opportunity of working in an international environment particularly relevant to the hospitality sector.  The experience of working in a foreign country and in a foreign language will help students develop their resourcefulness and expand their horizons.

Language Course

There is an optional language component for students who wish to study Spanish before the start of the internship.  For participants interested, this consists of classes for three hours a day over a period of five days.

The language course is specifically tailored to the participants’ internship plans. Participants selecting the language course option would have the benefits of facilitated cultural adjustment and real-life practice before starting in the workplace.  This option also includes a shared apartment in Seville for the duration of the course.

Follow up

We establish a very close contact with the tutor and the participant during the stay in the hotel.

The programme includes:

  • A stay of between 2 months and 6 months with the hotel.
  • Placement in 3, 4, and 5-star hotels in positions dependent upon the participant’s previous work experience and language level.
  • Accommodation and full board.

A certificate provided by the hotel at the end of the program.